About me

© Tim Borremans 2017

Go! Take them pictures, create those images, make your art.  We have a story to tell.  We have things unique to share.  We are the visual historians through passion and art.  We are Photographers. – Peter Venter

There are always 2 people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. – Ansel Adams

Somewhere around mid 2004 I got bitten by the photography bug.
Before then I could only admire the work of other photographers.
But the allure of photography hit hard and I wanted to try it myself.
I started out with an old second hand Minolta Dimage.

Very soon I found I wanted to learn doing more than just push the button.  In 2005 I enrolled for a course at the IKA (Instituut voor Kunst en Ambacht) in Mechelen were I learned working with Black & White film.  This became one of my favourite branches in photography.  I just love the smell of developer in the morning.

The photographs shown on this site don’t even approach the printed version e.g. on barite.

However, I realised myself that I couldn’t neglect digital photography and I became member of DPChallenge.  This site organises several weekly challenges around a multitude of themes.  There are no prizes to win, but to me it’s a way to improve my skills and to work around different themes.